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Skin Care Products

Independence Australia provides a wide range of skin care resources to help assist you to deliver quality care and information to your clients.

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Skin Care


MoliCare skin care products is a complete protect and care solution for ageing and compromised skin types. MoliCare skin care products are great for use with MoliCare continence aid products, as they help reduce skin irritations and infections from developing.


QV products cleanse and moisturise dry and sensitive skin. Free from common irritants, QV Skincare is designed to soothe and help support the natural skin healing process. QV products helps keep skin hydrated, reduces blocked pores and moisturises skin


Microshield offers a wide range of quality skin care products including; cleansers, moisturising lotions, and hand gels. Microshield products are suitable for sensitive and ageing skin, and helps to moisturise, disinfect and condition skin. Microshield is full of emollients and moisturises that help keep hands soft and hydrated.