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Wound Care Resources

Independence Australia provides a wide range of wound care resources to help assist you to deliver quality care and information to your clients.

Please click here to view our Wound Care Resources.

Wound Care

Smith & Nephew

Smith and Nephew deliver wound care management solutions for barrier protection, infection management and exudate management. Smith and Nephews wound care dressings are soft and comfortable for wearers and protect the wound against further trauma. Click here to view the Independence Australia selection of Smith and Nephew’s range of wound care products.


3M is a global leader in wound care products and specialise in medical adhesives that conform to all body shapes. 3M surgical tapes are breathable and have ‘easy-tear’ capability for quick removal. For more information about 3M and their product range, please click here to view the Independence Australia selection of 3M wound care products.


Molnlycke Healthcare provide medical solutions to help improve and enhance care. Molnlycke’s wound care range includes products for compression care, scar management, fixation, gloves and masks. For more information about Molnlycke Healthcare and their product range, please click here to view Independence Australia’s selection of Molnlycke Healthcare’s wound care products.

Try Our Free Continence Samples

Our quality range of contience samples will allow you to provide your client solutions to their specific contienence needs. We know trying to find continence samples can be a diffucult task and a lot of trial and error (due to different sizes and absorbencies), which is why Independence Australia are here to help you on your journey.